Every 3 seconds someone becomes a victim of Identity Theft through a data breach, social media scam, stolen credit card, or hacked personal records.  

We are all vulnerable.  Social media, online banking, cloud-based record keeping and mishandled financial information puts us all at risk.  Mitigating risk through education is the best way to protect yourself.


IntegrityBlue is founded by nationally respected Identity Theft expert (ret.) Washington State Patrol Sergeant Kim Triplett-Kolerich.  Kim teaches how you can become a harder target for thieves intent on stealing your information, and how to recover if you are a victim.  

Kim is an engaging and personable speaker.  She has more than 20 years of experience speaking to thousands of people about how to better protect their information.  Kim is invited to speak to law enforcement agencies, companies, trade groups and community organizations across the country.  


Become a Harder Target for Thieves Intent on Stealing
Your Personal Information.